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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Boat Bunk Wax do I need?

Each wax puck will cover approximately 32’ of linear trailer bunk.

How is Boat Bunk Wax applied?

The wax is worked in to the carpet by repeating a circular motion as you work up and down the bunk until the wax is packed into the carpet and can be applied as needed.

What kind of trailer bunks can this be applied to?

In addition to traditional carpeted bunks, Boat Bunk Wax can also be used on wood, rubber and polymer bunks although effectiveness may vary. 

What is the advantage of Boat Bunk Wax over traditional sprays?

Since Boat Bunk Wax is a wax it is able to be worked into the carpet and will not dissipate when wet like traditional sprays. All wax chemicals are also non-toxic and safe for our waterways. 

Passion to Perfection

We are fueled by our passion for boating and driven to create the perfect blend that surpasses other products on the market. Our relentless dedication led us to conduct rigorous testing until we achieved the optimal formula. Having witnessed the struggles people face at the boat ramp, we are committed to providing a solution that simplifies loading and launching, ensuring that every boating adventure begins smoothly and effortlessly.