Ultimate Friction Reduction

Introducing Boat Bunk Wax: the ultimate solution to reduce friction on abrasive bunk carpet. Our trademarked wax blend minimizes wear on your boat's bottom, ensuring a seamless boating experience. Unlike sprays, our long-lasting wax stays intact even when wet, while remaining non-toxic and safe for waterways.

  • Easy Application

    Simply work the wax into the carpet using a circular motion along the bunks, and it will become packed into the fibers, ready to provide friction reduction.

  • Lasting Protection

    By minimizing wear caused by the bunk carpet, Boat Bunk Wax helps preserve the integrity of the gelcoat and coatings, extending their lifespan.

  • Eco Friendly

    All wax chemicals used are non-toxic and safe for our waterways, ensuring that your boating activities do not harm the environment.

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